Grade R to Grade 12

Oleance International College has a wide range of programs to choose from. It offers primary, high school education to higher education thus gives out degrees and diplomas and certificates. Our students get good results because of our quality of education.

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Oleance International College posts some interesting events, please visit this and see if you can have a share in this beautiful platform. This events page keeps you up to date with the events of the college. Feel free to post your thought on any subject.

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Higher Education Qualifications
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PDh, Degrees, Diplomas,Advanced Certificates
Distance Learning & E-learning
Degrees, TVET, Short programmes
Technical & Vocational Training
Engineering, Business & Skills

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Oleance International is accountable for every student's future, so we value the quality of our education.

Oleance College is registered with the Department of Higher Education & Training as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997 All Higher Education Qualifications are Accredited by the Council on Higher Education and Registered on the National Qualifications Framework by the South African Qualifications Authority.

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Practical courses

We explore and  impart aspects of lifelong learning that prepares individuals to be responsible citizens, for in-depth, practical decision-making situations that are capable of starting, growing, and managing a successful enterprises. Quality training that anticipates and reacts to the skills gaps in society.

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Our focus is to produce a complete graduate who possesses conceptual, practical as well as social skills. A complete education system should allow acquisition of practical skills, attitudes, understanding and knowledge relating to occupations in various sectors for effective participation in the world of work.

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Specialised Graduates

World-class artists who  explore and interpret new perspectives and unique world challenge and opportunities and contexts of today. Get your qualification, create your own destiny, secure your future.

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    All students must complete the Standard Application, this is a Universal College Application. Our Admissions offers information sessions feel free to contact us.

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    Our courses are affordable and we have tailor made payment plans that carter for all classes of the socio-economy to receive recognized and measurable quality learning.

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    Life Long learning Experience

    We have aligned our curriculum to all aspects of quality education, to ensure progress and success that is specific, relevant and measurable and extends to the needs of the most marginalized and vulnerable.

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    Succeed and Achieve greatness

    Get a state of the art degree, diploma not just on paper but in the most practical sense, get a specialised skill, become an expert.

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A comprehensive educational process involving, in addition to general education, the study of technologies and related sciences, and the acquisition of practical skills, attitudes, understanding and knowledge relating to occupations in various sectors of economic and social life.

  • A broad, package of courses to choose from to secure your future financial security.
  • ‘Real-world’ projects: Balancing student learning and community need.
  • Our Curriculum places students at the helm of their learning experience
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